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Some history of the Spanish Scola
The Spanish synagogue was built by architect Baldassarre Longhena in the 17th century.
Synagogue, Shul
Spanish Scola 
Sephardi - Italian

Ghetto Vecchio - Venice
Opening Hours:
Shacharit: Shabbos 9:30 AM.
Mincha: Friday-Shabbos on time.
Rabbi Ghili Benyamin; Email:
Hotels within 15 min. Walking Distance:
Getting There:
Boat 1 and 82 stop at S.Marcuola-Ghetto; 41, 42, 51 and 52 stop at Ponte delle Guglie-Ghetto;
Run by the Jewish Community of Venice.

SECURITY POINTS: Visitors that wish to attend services at the synagogue must comply the next following:
1. Every visitor has to present a passport.
2. It is prohibited to enter with bags.
3. It is prohibited to bring into the synagogue any electronics device including camera, mobile phone etc.
4. Every visitor must stay until the end of the service.
5. It is recommended to contact us before your arrival to insure and ease entrance to the synagogue, especially during holidays and high season.
Map of Spanish Scola

Photo of Spanish Scola

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